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Alright, it's downloaded and ready to go!

EDIT:: Here's all the stuff I found.

First of all, the character moves too fast.


1. Something doesn't seem right about the chat box... The messages stop in weird places where text from the next line could easily fit. Also, the text can be hard to read.
2. The water autotile gets a black spot on the part with the white stripes, probably because a few pixels on the original file are wrong.
3. You need to make sure there are trees or mountains surrounding 100% of the outside of the map, except for if it is an exit. There is a bald spot on the right side of the map, near the guy talking about the Gyrados outbreak.
4. Is the Gyrados supposed to be facing left?
5. The signs are readable from the sides. While this is normal for many games... it might be more realistic if you made it visible from the front only. Not sure if you can do that in RM2k3.

Hidden part left of LAKE OF RAGE::

1. Ledge jump is too fast, try slowing it down.
2. Once again we run into the problem of a cut-off ledge (referencing the bottom ledge). I recommend that you get rid of the bottom row of the cluster of six mini-trees and extend the ledge all the way to the left-most tree line.
3. The CUT tree needs to have "Lock Facing" on so it doesn't look like it starts CUTting when you're simply looking at.

That's all I have time for tonight, it's already quarter after 11.