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Originally Posted by Wichu View Post
On the topic of starter kits, there's something that's been bugging me recently.
There's a lot of games out there that don't use it fully. They don't edit the scripts or add custom content; they just use what is there and make maps etc. This is extremely annoying, because you end up with really similar games. Most of the new games are like this, too.
I think there should be a rule that anyone using the starter kit must show evidence of creativity, such as custom scripts or Pokémon. Otherwise, they're probably better off ROM hacking...
I agree with Wichu. I believe you should get familiar with the program for a while THEN use the starter kit... and try to build from it.
I can see that you may want to use the kits since they have all the major stuff built in, but try to add something for crying out loud.

And while posting about the game, it's good to only make promises about "ZOMGNEWFEATURES!!!" and stuff when you know you can keep it. (Or have slightly been working on it...)

I have been a ROM Hacker for a while (but I quit), but I just feel to "limited", since I can only go as far as the engine can... but when you're familiar with the program, you can go beyond the official Pokemon Games.

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