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    Hey all, congrats lord danswich on that shiny Female mudkip, trumps my male mudkip I got on the 2nd, yay for complete hoenn starter sets!! Lol I can't even get the Sinnoh set started. Stupid turtwig still fails to shine, I only have this week left since I'm stopping Nov.1 so I can get on with the game and download the Rotom Key before it expires. I've also been hunting Entei of all things on my Colo. each SR is about 4 mins so I've done about 105 SRs so far. I hope I can get one moe shiny before the months end. Hmm maybe I should try searching for a spooky shiny just for halloween's sake, I already have most ghosts though, so maybe a dark type. Good luck on everyone's hunts!
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