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Originally Posted by It's Just Fufu View Post
Or preferably NOT in Emerald, seeing as how Emerald is a horrible game to go shiny hunting on...

Furthermore, it's actually faster to FISH for Magikarp on FR/LG. So you're wasting your time if you're soft resetting for it.

If you REALLY want a shiny Magikarp that badly, though, and you don't want to fish for it on FR/LG (seeing as how that's the fastest method) or you simply don't have FR/LG, you're better off breeding. At least that way it can have good IVs or a good nature.

Just my two cents.
Horrible? Horrible?

Emerald (the first one) gave me my first shiny Pokemon ever in just like 80 resets.

That same Emerald also gave me my shiny Totodile.

"Fishing on FR/LG" isn't the fastest method, especially when you get "Not even a nibble" 8 times in a row.
Bludycomicsinc. gave the fastest method: SRing on FR/LG for it inside the Pokemon Center just before Mt. Moon.

I'm doing this on Emerald, but I'm NOT fishing. I mentioned what I'm going to do before:
Use a Synchro and Sweet Scent in Sootopolis City. It's fast. It's probably the 2nd fastest method, it might even be faster than SRing for it in FR/LG.

Yeah yeah Emerald has a "weird RNG" but I don't really give a crap. I'm going with it. It's been good to me.

I'm finally inside Sootopolis City, but I'm not ready yet. I still need to level up and get False Swipe, and then buy up some Premier Balls. I think I'm going to go ahead and finish the Sootopolis Event with Groudon/Kyogre/Rayquaza, by the time it's over my Sceptile should know the move.


If it makes you feel any better I've decided to do it both on FR2 and Emerald2, SRing in FR2 and doing what I do in Emerald.
Maybe it'll help me get it faster, and get me into a better mood.
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