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    Yay, another installment of my know-it-alliness... Sorry if it looks that way, I'm honestly trying to help, not belittle you. If you want me to PM them next time, I will... Anyways...

    Map directly south of LAKE OF RAGE::
    1. When you are seen by the PokeManiac that is farther away from the sign, the one directly below the sign is the one who gets the "!".
    2. When you walk through the toll gate (not the one all the way at the bottom, the other one) and after you pay the toll and walk through the back, you don't come out at the right spot... Plus, the toll is 000.

    Non-ROCKET toll gate:: The arrow pointing out the southern exit is there even when I'm not near the door.

    1. In the house with the sign by it, after you talk to the experiment guy, the message window stays up.
    2. In the other house, you can stand on the wall with the window by it. You can also stand on the top two squares of the table.
    3. The ledge touching the right side of the gym should curve up on the right side instead of staying flat.
    4. On the ledge closest to the Mahogany Town of the Ninja sign, maybe the ledge should be one square shorter on the right side. Otherwise it's as if the concrete was placed first, and then nature formed the ledge on top of that.