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    Originally Posted by poddish View Post
    The thing about this is, before the advance generation and all the tools for it came out, ALMOST everyone relied more on hex editing than on tools. Because of this, few hacks were made because it was hard to hack, and the hacks that were completed were usually better than the ones made now (assuming graphics and number of pokemon don't matter, although it was possible to add more slots in r/b/y if you move the trainer sprites somewhere else, I know this because I saw coolboyman's new "final" version of pokemon brown on youtube, and he had 251 pokemon, IN A RED HACK, good job coolboyman!) Anyway, the hacks were usually better because they changed a LOT more than we ("toolhackers) (like me) can do with the tools, because someone's not going to make a tool for some nobody hacker just because he/she asked. Besides, what about the fact that tools can't completely change everything about something because they're limited by the skill of the creator and user.

    Anyway, I hope to see some d/p hacks that don't rely on tools soon...

    Umm, I was saying that I can help him find offsets, so we can work together. I wasnt asking him for offsets...
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