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    Here is the latest sheet. For whatever reason this thing took me forever. The time it takes me to do a splice has actually increased recently, probably because I'm trying out some more advance stuff. Sadly I can't help but think I'm slowly moving into disguise territory more so than splicing =/. Well whatever, I like what I've done this time around, some cool stuff. Everything on this one was by request.

    The repose on the bottom was a request from a friend, he wanted me to make a repose of Pikachu in Pokemon yellow style. I used the Super Smash Bros. Brawl pose for it.I then figured I'd revamp it, which went kind of Ok, but it is a bit small by today's standards =P.

    I was also requested to mix like 8 Pokemon, but since one was Wailord, another being Combee, I decided to say "Screw that", that's too many things with too many different sizes and stuff, I don't feel like tackling something like that on request yet. If I do a 8 pokemon splice, I'll be choosing the Pokemon. Also was requested to do a Dialga + Palkia + Girantina (Origin Forme), but I am not doing it since it involves Origin Forme Girantina, which I don't have a free to use sprite of it, nor do I want to go find one.

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