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    Originally Posted by DDD'SSCEPTILE View Post
    Horrible? Horrible?

    Emerald (the first one) gave me my first shiny Pokemon ever in just like 80 resets.

    That same Emerald also gave me my shiny Totodile.
    Wow, two shinies. Guess your Emerald is GREAT for getting shinies now!

    I've gotten four or five shinies from the same Emerald. You don't see me completely relying on it when I shiny hunt!

    Don't let your past experiences get in the way of the fact that Emerald isn't the best game to hunt on.

    "Fishing on FR/LG" isn't the fastest method, especially when you get "Not even a nibble" 8 times in a row.
    That's assuming you get "Not even a nibble"...There's no certainty that you'll get "Not even a nibble". Theoretically, you could go thousands of times and hook a fish every time.

    One fishing trial is faster than one soft reset, methinks.

    I'm doing this on Emerald, but I'm NOT fishing. I mentioned what I'm going to do before:
    Use a Synchro and Sweet Scent in Sootopolis City. It's fast. It's probably the 2nd fastest method, it might even be faster than SRing for it in FR/LG.
    I guess we have different values when it comes to shinies. If I wanted a shiny Magikarp with a good nature, I'd just breed for it.

    Yeah yeah Emerald has a "weird RNG" but I don't really give a crap. I'm going with it. It's been good to me.
    So basically you're telling me that you're ignoring what has been determined as fact? As a shiny hunter, it seems rather silly to do what would give you the LOWEST chances of finding a shiny...

    If it makes you feel any better
    This is more about me than you...I'm just trying to help you save time!


    I wonder where MetalMario is?

    Credit goes to ShinysHunters Forum for the image.

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