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    Originally Posted by It's Just Fufu View Post
    I see you took my bait.

    I'm not sure if I find it funny or a little ridiculous, but I thank you for the help. I may decide to breed it, but either way, it'll take a long time. And it's beginning to wear on me, which is why I've decided to take a little break again from Pokemon until everything gets settled out in the competitive department. I won't stop completely (I still want that Pidgey for my friend, and about 3 others) but I'm going to slack up a bit. I have a lot, a LOT of games to catch up on.

    Originally Posted by Tabatha View Post
    hey guys!

    Well I was chaining for a shiny Doduo yesterday while playing world of warcraft,

    Originally Posted by 41victory View Post
    Yeah thats whats taking up most of my time lol.
    ... mine being Star Wars Battlefront 2 and a slew (at least 8 or 10) games I haven't really touched on yet, all thanks to Pokemon.

    A friend of mine told me the other night that if a game becomes work, he won't/will stop playing it.
    So that got me to thinking about Pokemon, it's fun but they way I play is like that. I only have 4 Pokemon on my list that I really need/want at the time, I'll squeeze them in somehow.

    In addition to the games I already have that I need to clear up and out, next month Animal Crossing and Sonic Unleashed come out, and I'm definitely getting those, especially Animal Crossing.

    So, good luck everyone in everything you're doing.....

    Originally Posted by It's Just Fufu View Post
    I wonder where MetalMario is?
    In the shadows, of course.
    Why so serious, son?
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