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Hey, im miffie.

I have been thinking alot about what type of game I want to create and i have drawn alot of maps and characters but today (after months of planning) I am starting to actually create this game.

It is called chronicles of the apocalypse and is the story about Team Realm and its spreading of the "Evil". You are one of two agents recruted to travel the region and defeat the evil and restore light. The starting pokemon are espeon, umbreon and tyrogue (but, if a good sprite editor comes foward, new pokemon). The game will be alot longer then the official pokemon games (i estimate 50 hours to complete the story). The gyms are going to be more rewarding then just a badge. The gyms will be more difficult and will take alot longer to get to them, before the first gym (which will be dark) there will be approximately 5 towns and your pokemon should be around lv 20.

I am writing this because I know that with the size of this project I need help. I need scripters, sprite/tile creators, map designers and much more. so I will greatly appreciate it if you could (if your interested in helping) tell me what your skills are and what your ideas are. Any help will be credited in game.

Thanks for the help
Contact me at [email protected]
UPDATE!- At some points in the game you will be disguised as a team realm grunt or admin as you will need to infiltrate their headquaters.

Also some characters from the series will make a reapearance one of them (i will not tell all of them) is Gold (the protagonist from the metal games) and Wally.

More updates soon.

Second update today- well...its not really an update more of a question...
I have many different programs to use but im wondering which one is the best to use.
Can you give your opinions on what programs you need to make a good game??


i have just finished the first village you come across in the game, its called the headquaters. It is where you recieve your first pokemon and get a brief on team realm. also the male protagonist costume (just clothes edit, will change arms).

here are the pics
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