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This is my idea for a game:
Okay it starts out as most other ones do, the PC gets ready to get a pokémon from the regional prof. The male(Ray) meets up with the female(Lluvia) and they both head of to meet Prof. Sabino(Professor of Extinct Pokémon). After they find him, the male rival joins them and they get their pokémon. After leaving they all journey to win at least 8 badges to enter the pokémon tournament(there are 12 badges total). Along the way they must face the evil Team Storm who acts more like Team rocket in the beginning then becomes more evil later on. They will have to defeat team storm while trying to protect the legendaries from being captured by catching them themselves.

This game will be more concerned with legends and tradition than the real games. It will be based on the central part of modern Mexico and have about 50 fanmade pokémon as well as 150 old pokémon. Some old pokémon will be changed in order to be caught, like totodile and articuno having reduced stats.

Here are the important characters I've chosen:
Emilio - Male Rival
Adora - Female Rival
Maria - Mother
Adelio - Father
Madrona - Male Rival's Mother
Abran - Female Rival's Father
Sabino - Professor
Avanta - PC Storage Manager
Itz - Champion
Luna - Partner of Champion
Roderigo - Storm Leader
Nevado - Storm Liutenant(Ice)
Adriano - Strom Scientist(Dark)
Espera - Gym Leader(Ghost)
Barbara - Gym Leader(Electric)
Ignacio - Gym Leader(Fire)
Yaotl - Gym Leader(Fighting)
Maria - Gym Leader(Water)/Storm Liutenant
Araceli - Gym Leader(Flying)/Storm Liutenant
Arlo - Gym Leader(Grass)
Huemac - Gym Leader(Ground)
Pedro - Gym Leader(Rock)
Aurelio - Gym Leader(Steel) Twin
Argento - Gym Leader(Steel) Twin
Tonalli - Gym Leader(Psychic)
Acitlalli - Gym Leader(Dragon)
Veto - Elite Four(Special)
Erlina - Elite Four(Defence)
Fermina - Elite Four(Attack)
Cordero - Elite Four(Speed)

Any suggestions will be welcome.
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