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    i have been working all day building the start of this game, and to explain the story in more detail, this is what happens during the beginning of the game.

    the game starts of like any other pokemon game, you are introuduced to the leading research in the region, you meet Head Agent Yew who explains that the world has become unstable because Team Realm and there plans to create a new, evil, world on the ashes of our world. the reason Yew has decieded to meet you (bad pun) is because you have been hired as one half of a team that will travel the region and destroy Team Realm. Yew then tells you to meet at the northen road.

    When the game starts, you are in your house but once you leave you find yourself in the headquaters of the light. just like you promised Yew, you go to the northen road and he takes you into his laboratory, where you are briefed on the situation (the first gym has been taken over by the rougue Realm member called Diablo who specializes in the ghost type. you are then given your starter pokemon espeon, umbreon and tyrogue (tyrogue is the choice if you want a difficult game). and you are sent to the next town to pick up two pokedex so you can mark which pokemon have been imported by team realm...

    New features.

    over 50 locations (not including routes),
    routes are alot bigger then official pokemon games,
    pshycic, dark, fighting type starters,
    old faces add a twist to the story,
    10 gyms plus many Realm recruitment centres,
    you get to go undercover in some Realm institutes to lower suspicion
    and many more

    please comment, post your ideas or offer help.

    i really need,

    if you want to help please comment...

    i will upload a video within the hour of the beginning of the game.

    UPDATE- this project may be on hold as my fire red rom crashed and deleted most of my work...
    need to find a good rom to use...

    the rom has been fixed...its all good...

    UPDATE - i have had permission from zel to use his tiles in chronciles.
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