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    Originally Posted by Mukkamoto View Post
    2nd customer

    Size: 380*160
    Text: Ryūmon Hōzukimaru
    Specific things you may want: Make it your best
    This is a password

    Thanks in advance
    Added~ And you've still got that old theme i made you? Lols. (This is Renyui, BTW.)
    Originally Posted by . t R U T H View Post
    I'm your 3rd customer. :D

    Size: 400 x 200
    Text: . t R U T H
    Specific things you may want:

    This is a password

    Thanks in advance~

    (btw, can you make it banner/avatar?)

    Accepted. Though, you will need the actual sora pic for me to use.
    Originally Posted by Naito View Post
    Size: 500px × 300px
    Text: Just a mascot...
    This is a password
    Specific things you may want: Preferably an avatar to go alongside with it.
    Other: Thanks for filling out my request, provided there's nothing incorrect.

    Edit: Updated with a new link to the render. The previous one apparently gave a 403 Forbidden Error if anyone tried to access it (lol @ me all you want for hot linking, forgot about it's negative effects)
    Originally Posted by .Oblivion View Post
    Well Roweh also made a shop here?
    why wasn't i informed? xD
    good luck dude,i like ur idea of a password btw
    Oh, well, you werent on MSN. *shot's*
    Anyway, yeh, the password is the awesomes.
    BTW people, since it is a weekday, and this means school for me, I will only have little time for graphics. So, for those who requested, You may have to wait a bit, sorry.
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