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    Progress Report:
    - Viridian Forest #FINISHED# (New TR scene, legendary Pokémon appearance)
    - Pewter City Design #FINISHED# (I'm impressed myself... O_o)

    And what I'm saying is use them. So that when one shadow is active, the code doesn't keep running and make 4 shadows. When one shadow is on, turn on a switch. Then have a condtional branch that checks to see if the switch is on- if it is, end the event processing.
    I'll see if that is managable. It could mess up the NPC event movement, which is more important to me. But thanks for the advice, I'll use it.

    Incredible beggining ^^, i really liked the shroomish part, and i agree with neo-dragon, put a switch in the light sources so they dont make alot of shadows on you at the same time.
    Thanks, and for the shadow part, like I said above, Ill see if that is doable.

    ey if you need any help mapping just pm me!
    i consider myself to me a almost good mapper
    i really like your story and think you'll be a hit and i wanna be a part of this
    I can use all the help I can get.

    CodeProject 001
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