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Pokémon Eclipse

Note: This is NOT a hack!

Pokémon Eclipse, This Game is made with RMXP (Rpg Maker XP) and i am using one of the worlds best starter kits made by poccil's Pokémon Essentials.
I am the Creator and the Manager of this Game, I am the Mapper, a Semi Battle Spriter, a Semi Graphic Maker.
Pokémon Eclipse is based in a new region called Vastine (Name of Region may change.) Vastine has the old 493 Pokémon and 1 new pokémon. The game currently has Whack a hack's DP Tiles and the Gym Tiles I'm making myself.

Legend of Vastine

Long ago during the creation of the Pokémon World 8 Pokémon created Vastine
these pokémon had diffrent types.

A Water type,
A Electric type,
A Fire type,
A Normal type,
A Psychic type,
A Dark type,
A Grass type,
A Ice type.

Main Story

The story starts with a Battling lesson with a pokemon.
When you finish, you are asked for choosing one pokemon from the three Johto starter.

Then the main part in each game you have to defeat gym leaders, collect badges BUT that is not all,
You will meet a Team Known as Team DarkLight.
a team that Are on a quest to obtain the Eclipse Pokémon.
But to collect it, they need the Eight secret orbs,
(8 what a magic number... I wonder?)

A Wonderful Adventure with many diffrent parts to a massive story known as the Pokémon World.

You’ll have to face challenges, defeat trainers and save the world.

The Game now has a brand new Battle Frontier and there is also the Battle Dojo.




Images are JPEG to stop from stealing.


Shun - Mapper, Eventer, idealist
Application Form


Send By PM


Chosen Job:

Proof of Work:

Other Jobs:

Jobs Avalible:

Concept Mapper (2 Positions Open)

Creates drafts of maps whic could be used in te game (Original tiles nothing else.)

Tile Artist (2 Positions Open)

Creates some of the custom tiles (Pokémon Styled) Which can be used in the game. (Indoor or Outdoors.)

Spriter (Pokémon or Trainer Battle Sprites.) (2 Positions Open)

Makes the Fakemon or Revamps or Recreates Scratces of Pokémon wich are used in Battle. (front and Backs)

Overworld Sprite (3 Positions Open)

Creates the Overworld Sprites wheather it is Gym leaders, Heroes, Trainers or Pokémon

Scripter (2 Positions Open)

Creates scripts which work with the starter kit or modifikations to the starter kit.

Don't Ask To Be a Beta Tester.

I will ask someone.

Poccil's Brilliant Starter Kit
4th Gen Matt's Pokémon Resource Kit
Enterbrain for RMXP
Wah for some of the tiles

Support this game
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