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    I am finally gonna post some sort of demo of the game so now I decided its time to move this over here...

    Lol this post was from the Plot/Stroyline section

    Alrighty guys I'm finally stepping up to the plate and introducing myself. I'm Maria Santos if you didn't know already. I have been using game maker since I was in 7th grade but my skills are horrible >_< yea I'm a drag and drop n00b :'( But hey I wont let you guys down. I'll bring ya the toughest Pokemon you will have ever played. Get ready >:3

    Pokemon Assault: (Trouble in Sinnoh) <----I need something tha sounds cooler than that

    Check Below for Download!

    Teh program:

    I am making this game with Registered Game Maker 5.3A due to crappy computers I work on.

    Teh Story (Please bear with me I am not a good story teller )

    The story takes place in Jubilife, Sinnoh. Dawn is at the NPBS building investigating alleged Pokemon and drug trafficking. While she is investigating a swarm of Koffings lead by an IMMENSE sized Weezing blow a hole in the side of the building and are spreading their toxic fumes around killing people inside the building. She must get rid of them all and find out who sent the Pokemon to do such a thing. Her investigation will lead her into a nightmarish Sinnoh in which the Pokemon siege cities and kill the innocent people. Nothing is as it seems anymore. Can Dawn escape the abyssof the dark one as she tries to rid Sinnoh of this terror?

    Theres alot more but I cant find my papers where I wrote it down xD Please be patient with me. " Sorry its so vague "

    Teh game itself:
    -Platform Shooter
    -5 Weapons so far. Handgun, Shotgun, Flaregun, Rocket launcher, STD (Silent Total Destruction lulz)
    -VERY DIFFICULT. If you like a frustrating challenge like Ghost and Ghouls you'll like this nicely.
    -Gore. Pokemon will die. So will you. Thats life xD
    -Unlockable characters with better abilities.
    -Even tougher difficuly settings such as WTF mode, 45Spd and 60 Spd.
    -Loads of secrets to find in the game.
    -Cheat Codes. Oh yes.

    Teh Screenshots

    Lol the old crappy title screen.

    Dawn gets shot down FAST!

    Dawns got the shotgun >:3

    LMAO the toughest part of level 7. how do you open the door? Use "B" silly ! >:3

    ZOMG OCTILLERY!!!11!!1!


    Teh Videos clips

    The OLD level 7

    The NEW one


    Killing octillerys and showing off Rocket launchers

    Current Vid showing what I have so far...

    I am curently looking for a spriter to help me with the pokemon death animations. If not that then I will gladly accept spriters for other jobs such as Pokemon movement, game backgrounds, etc. Also looking for beta testers, artists, and most importantly I am looking for LEVEL DESIGNERS! I need longer and more interesting levels for this to be exciting!

    Level in development...

    Area1-NPBS Building
    Area2-Sinnoh's Underground
    Area7-PBS Outpost(Mt.Coronet)
    Area8-Inside of the base...

    Secret1-Old Memories
    Secret2-United we...wait what?


    Nintendo lol duh
    Joshr691 for the INCREDIBLE custom pokemon sprites I use in the game.
    My old friend chris who got me started on game maker in middle school. R.I.P Chris. Que dios te bendiga.
    Mark overmars for making Game Maker. xD
    Bobby Prince from which most of the games music comes from.

    Ill add more as I remember them

    Show your support! Use teh userbar >:3


    Programmers: Maria Santos
    Tiler: Dragpyre
    Beta Testers: Ito_Igami, Mcash7

    Current Release...Hellhole v3.5a...
    Hellhole v3.5a

    Any questions just post or PM me. Thank you.
    My pair and eternal lover: Ito_Igami

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