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    Originally Posted by Tropical Sunlight View Post
    I think this is great, but you should use the farmer OW for Henrique, Just a thought. And I don't really get the "fossil Pokemon"...
    Uhm, I think I'll use a custom OW for Henrique, but I need to make it first!
    Thanks for the suggestion though!
    It's kinda like shadow pokémon, Team galactic will be using Fossil Pokémon (not straight away but later on) and with the snag ball (name suggestions?) you can catch those Fossil Pokémon..
    Some more info on Fossil Pokémon they can evolve into their fossil evo aswell as their normal evolution (although you'll need an item to do so)
    Note: you guys are all kinda lucky because this is a small plot (like) give away
    Note 2: I think I need a trainer spriter (D/P style) PM if you would like to help and I PM you the details!

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