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    Well hello there! Let me introduce myself, I am Manaphyman of forums, and writer of the Sevii Islands Saga. In my quest to rid myself of serebii's drama and such, I was told to post my fanfiction here. But enough about me, on to the story.

    The fic takes place in the beautiful Sevii Islands, following the journey of five teenagers across their prestigious and tantalizing beauty. However, it is not your average journey fic. Something evil is stirring within these islands, and as the story progresses, the plot begins to overtake the actual journey itself. But more on that later. I have written and posted 38 chapters of this on Serebii, along with a prequel and two spinoff oneshots, so updates will be fast and frequent. (Dependent upon the amount of reviewers or readers here)

    Chapter List:
    1.Four Island
    2.Of Ice, Eggs, and Fire
    3.Dangerous Times
    4.The Plot
    5.Eevee vs. Eevee
    6.Kindling the Flame Within
    7.Torchic and Flare
    8.White Flame

    Without any further adieu, the prologue of the fic:

    In the Beginning…

    Arceus created Mew his beloved and only “Son.” As a gift to his new son, he created the beings of Time and Space, or Dialga and Palkia. And Arceus saw that it was good.
    To control these beasts he created the legendary trio: Uxie, Azelf, and Mesprit. He then created Celebi, granting it the power to travel through the newly created time.

    And Arceus saw that it was good.

    He then created then elaborated on his newly created universe. Out of the universe, He picked one world, made for his beloved son. To make it more habitable, he created Kyogre and Groudon, who expanded the sea and the land.

    And Arceus saw that it was good.

    To maintain a balance of power in Mew’s world, Arceus created the Air, and it’s guardian: Rayquaza.

    He then created Regigigas to mold the continents the Groudon created. Resting, Arceus let his son Mew create at will. The creature created humans and pokemon, in order to instill love and friendship in his new world.

    And Mew saw that it was good."

    "This is the theory of the Arcecians." A rather young, comforting voice explained. It was that of his teacher, Mr. Jordan. He was quite brilliant for his young age, impassionate and excited about the subject which he taught: History.

    “Stupid crap” John muttered, immediately regretting his decision. He looked at his now irritated teacher, his robust form looking threatening. His erect posture gave him the appearance of tremendous height, when in fact, he was only six feet tall.

    “You have something to say there John? No? Then keep it zipped.” Mr. Jordan stated irritably. The teacher did not like being undermined in class, and when he was, he had an odd habit of fumbling with the collar of his shirt. Today, it was green collared t-shirt, exposing his muscular arms. Coupled with that was a pair of deliberately ripped jeans, and a pair of flip-flops.

    With the scolding came a dark look of disappointment from Mr. Jordan’s deep brown eyes. John, trying to avert his gaze, looked at his short, spiked hair. In truth, he had always been a tad jealous of his teacher, as all the girls went wild over him. He would never really understand why.

    Noticing the look and with a wave of remorse suddenly seizing him, John simply muttered: "Sorry Mr. Jordan. I’m just pretty passionate about that sort of crap. I just want to get out of here, after everything that’s happened."

    “That’s still no excuse. Mr. Jordan did nothing wrong, and you aren’t the only one in this class. I mean come on. You just need to wait four more months to get your damn egg and then you can get the hell away from here.” Said the cute blond girl behind him. Her name was Lindsey, and although she was beautiful; she had flowing blonde hair, irresistible blue eyes, and many other various features, she had a horrid personality. She was terribly condescending and irritable, although in a sense mature, both psychically and mentally for the ripe age of 14.

    Furious that she had called him out in front of the entire class yet again, John shifted his position in his desk to face Lindsey. She was wearing a tye-dyed tank top and skin-tight jeans, an array of bracelets and rings on both of her arms. He was also caught up in the new haircut Lindsey had, the edges of her hair now dyed brown. “Shut-up and mind your own damn business. You have no right to comment.” he managed to say, almost losing his composure.

    “Aww, so cute. Look you guys, the love birds are fighting!” A voice chimed in from no where. John looked around, desperate to expose his tormenter, and the cause of his now flushing red face. It was Mike, his so-called best friend, who loved to stir up trouble.

    Why would he say something like that? Whats wrong with him? he thought, Mike was his best friend and cousin, but he could really screw with his life. Mike was laughing hysterically, his short form convulsing in his seat. His trademark bowl-like hair was shaking around, almost covering his devious blue eyes. John thought like making a snappy comeback about his height or weight, but he was not that kind of person.

    Instead of that, he sat back in his seat, letting his mind drift into thoughts of receiving his pokemon egg, making the necessary preparations for his journey, and hatching the egg. It wondered how it would all play out, and what type of pokemon he would get. Only time would tell.
    Four Months Later

    Shuffling out of bed, and shutting off his alarm, he buried his face in his hands. Trying desperately to wake up, his mind again wandered. Not to the events that would unfold later today, but to that day in class, when he yearned so dearly for his pokemon egg. Nostalgic, John rose, dragging his feet into the bathroom. Finally, that day had arrived.

    To Be Continued…..
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