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Welcome to the first round of HotY 2008! This round will be a key part of this competition and it will be you that decides who wins and who doesn't. The hack with the most nominations will win the Fan Favourite award. Do not neglect to nominate your hack because others have already done so! You must supply some reasoning for your nomination and it must be valid, no "coz it roxxorz!!", any posts deemed to be invalid will be deleted.

Ineligible Hacks

  • Pokemon Shiny Gold
    Requested by the author to be taken out of the competition
  • Pokemon Prism
    Winner of HotY for 2007
  • Pokemon Liquid Ocean
    Winner of HotY for 2006
  • Pokemon Naranja
    Winner of HotY for 2005
  • Pokemon Ice
    Winner of HotY for 2004

Voting Form

[b]Hack Name:[/b]
[b]Reason for nomination:[/b]

Rules and Guidelines

  • A hack that is in the list above is not eligible to be nominated
  • You may not nominate your own hack
  • You must provide a valid reason for nominating a hack
  • You may not nominate a hack because of the authors personal record or progress, only the hack is being evaluated
  • You may only nominate one hack
  • Every post must be a nomination any other post will be deleted
  • Make sure that you have at least tried more than one hack before nominating it

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