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    Thanks for all the comments I am no time to meet everyone, excuse me, and Zel to hack tera scripts entirely new and more complex, which will last a beta opinion trash, close the new.
    FAN's BAR's



    First modifications, the continent will suffer new to radical changes en its mapeado will surigirão city and routes. , It will appear new rivals, I changed a little tile of the teia of spider, now me seems well better, I changed palleta of the water, now the this clearest one, I changed tiles of the PokeMart, and also of the GYM that had now been very better and are 100% of my authorship, and an acknowledgment on the new minis sprites (Overwoods) terõ now the main colors of FR, some will be of FR modified with the aparecencias of D/P, others will be completely new.

    Inhore City
    Finally, the modifications and great changes in the city of 1°Gym, now it possesss a Pokémon University, where they will be able to obtain the new National Dex (script), Building, and One criadoro of Combee's for the production en wide scale of Honey (exportation), it is a very important city for the continent. E much "Quests" will be carried through there.

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