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    Originally Posted by Ambellina View Post
    Good to see you have your own shop again ^-^ You'll do great as always!
    Othankyou. I do hope i go okay >.>
    Originally Posted by Mukkamoto View Post
    it would be great if i could get that with the new one XD
    since i want to see the outcome of the old one, but im sure its gonna be great.

    btw i know its you renyui, i can identify from your great graphics :P
    Hoorah for my great(?) graphics! *shot'd*
    Anyway, yeh, the old one was pretty good, if that is what you meant... (odam i can never understand some things) jkbutya...
    Originally Posted by Comic Tragedy whos name should be El Capitano View Post
    Wow. You make a shop even though people were requesting in you're showcase.

    Genius. xD

    Anywho, I wish you the best of luck. Oh, and you are really doing well aesthetically Renn. Great job on the newer ones. :P
    Oh, Genius indeed. *double shot'd*
    Yay for the newer ones that please El Capitano!

    Aaaaand Mukkamoto, yours is here.

    I hope its ok... I'm not perticuarly fond of it, so if you want a remake, tell me.
    Now, to do . t R U T H's request.
    All requests are now done!

    (You don't need to use this if you dont like it, I was kinda trying a new style)
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