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True, I didn't post much info about XSE till now. Expcet bug fixes, those are the main things I did so far:
  • I need speed!
    Script loading, decompiling, debugging/compiling and all the other common operations have been optimized and improved for best perfomance.
    Time is important, let's not waste it.
  • Yes. No. No to All?
    When there are at least two tabs open while closing XSE, a new dialog will apper, letting you a wider range of choices: Yes, No, Yes to All, No to All. And Cancel, of course.
  • Print Me
    Actually available since early betas but commented out later, the Print function got restored to its full glory.
  • Enhanced File Association
    Not just script files, but .gba ROMs too: an "Open with XSE" menu would be added.
    Also, the file association does not require admin rights any more, and it's Vista-aware meaning it will work just fine with UAC on.
  • Invalid command detected
    XSE is now able to detect those commands that wouldn't be ever working with the ROM you're hacking, e.g. trying to compile a textcolor command into a Ruby ROM.
    A parameter amount check was added to let you debug easily your scripts.
  • Aliases
    For those who don't know it already, aliases are those custom keywords you can use instead of commands names, for example. If you're pretty lazy, and you want to use "givepk" instead of "givepokemon", you are free to do so.
  • ' // ; This is a comment
    From now on, XSE will support 2 new inline comments. The old inline comment plus the block comment are still supported, don't worry.

    ' Comment here
    // Same as above
    ; Got it?
    /* In case
    you didn't
    read once more 
  • Decompile Options
    Customizing the way XSE decompiles scripts is now possible. You can choose between 3 different modes (Enhanced, Normal and Strict) and more. A refactoring options is included as well: turn your decompiled scipt into dynamic ones!
  • Beyond any limits
    XSE is fully compatible with expanded ROMs now. A ROM Resizer, available under the Tools menu, will help you expanding your ROMs (or shrinking them back).
  • Better Text Adjusting
    Text adjusting got even easier and better. Just paste any text inside the adjuster to get it adjusted in no time.
    Also, you can re-adjust text from now on: simply select the whole line where your text is, and then press Shift+Ctrl+A.
    Then all you have to do is editing the text, and when you're done pressing Convert and Insert will put your new text into the script.
  • Brand New Shortcuts
    New keyboard shortcuts have been added. For example, there's Shift+Ctrl+F which will open the folder where the current script/ROM is.
  • Stay up-to-date
    An auto update function was introduced so that you won't miss any updates.
    If there are some updates available, XSE will notice you. Otherwhise it won't bug you.
    If you really want to, it can be turned off easily.
  • Inline Command Help
    As you type, XSE will display some short, useful information about the command/construct/directive you're writing.
  • No tabs?
    At a first glance you may think tabs are gone. Wrong, indeed. Till you get 2 tabs, they will be hidden, so same space is saved.
    By the way, while the previous tab limit was set to 10, now it will depends on XSE window size. No more than 20, anyway.
  • Updated Guide
    The guide was updated (or should I say updgraded?) so now there are more examples, explanations and reference materials.

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