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    Originally Posted by ryushin5 View Post
    Well i'm thinking of making a thread for mercury's story in the plot story board space and then make a thread in the game showcase but i don't know if i should do that or not.
    lol make one in the plot and story section and avatar will move it when its ready.
    Originally Posted by Red Gyrados View Post
    so have you finished Infinte Rainbow?
    i see you havent y not finish IR and then make malachite?
    No IR isn't finished. I have already stated in both thread now I think. I'm getting Malachite ready. i wont start eventing or mapping until my digimon or pokemon game is done.

    Originally Posted by CoN~ View Post
    Well this is interesting.

    Lime starts with you living alone in the city too~
    Yeah um that'll be getting changed soo. Maybe a small island will be good lol like the turtle hermits Island! anyway yeah thanx for informing me I dont like biting.