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    Originally Posted by ryushin5 View Post
    Yeah maybe i should anyways lets talk about the thread hmm should there me fakemon or original pokemon good question i mean on one hand fakemon are totally original and unique to the game but some people are turned off by it and coming up with good names can be a pain and for original pokemon that would make things a whole lot easier but there are also some people who get tired with original pokemon in the game so hard to decide (9(>.<)9)
    you are right this is why I made a poll but fakemon can be an awful lot of work now I kinda wish I hadn't made the poll.
    Originally Posted by Red Gyrados View Post
    i seee............

    well it's up to u i suppose :\
    It is up to me but you'll see.
    Originally Posted by Johnny8876 View Post
    XD i think you should deffinatley use original pokemon, fakemon doesnt intrest me in my opinion lol ill vote in the poll XD
    mhm kinda leaning that way. did you vote?
    Originally Posted by Vampire://Krimm View Post
    Epic Fail.

    Can I please see where you found your trees and the pallete you used? Otherwise, It's fair I can assume you ripped them from my game, Pokemon NeoEras. The trees are free for use, considering we didn't make them, however the color scheme was used by us. Proof please.
    No I dont think this is an epic fail. Mybe I think neo eras is an epic fail. First off I will look into it. CUTEPICHY has been working on the tileset for this game for a while now so I'll ask here about it. second please dont come to my thread with stuff like this again. I think I have good enough credability around here to not have to steal anything.Like I said i will ask her.
    Originally Posted by BaconBoy914 View Post
    Master Rosi teach my Machop hoe to use Kamehameha!!!
    lol I knew something like this was coming.