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    Taking Advantage of the Fire Red Title Screen
    Document written by thethethethe

    Okay, some may have seen the title screen I created for my hack that may never be continued. Some people may have seen this already it's been at PHO's main site for quite a while, but I only just thought I'd post it here.

    So what's needed:
    • VBA
    • Unlz.Gba
    • Paint
    • A Tile Map Editor

    There is some assumed knowledge here, like knowing how to use tools, knowing about the palette options in your tilemap editor, and how to palette edit anything.

    Now before I start, let me say, you almost definately will not get this right on your first go. You'll make mistakes, I recommend backing up as soon as you get even just one part to work.
    We'll begin with ripping the needed files from the rom with unlz.gba. I'll give an approximate Unlz Number for these files but remember that they do differ.
    When taking them from the rom, make sure the images are saved as a .gif.
    • 141 - Flames
    • 2009 - Pokemon Logo
    • 2010 - Pokemon Logo Tilemap
    • 2011 - Charizard
    • 2012 - Charizard Tilemap
    • 2013 - 'Press Start'/'Gamefreak'
    • 2014 - 'Press Start'/'Gamefreak' Tilemap

    I did add the flames, although I'm just going to remove them with my example title screen.

    We will start by changing the Pokemon.
    I'm going to change it to Rayquaza. So I'll have to find an image. I'll be using the Giant Rayquaza shown at the Sootopolis event in Pokemon Emerald.
    This one.
    But first I'll need to index it and make sure all the tiles will fit into the Cyclone writing style.
    So I'll end up with this.

    Then we'll need to redo our tilemap to make it look the way we need it to go from this:
    to this:
    You'll see I've added a tail to the image, I took the tail from the Rayquaza in Pokemon Pinball.
    Now we insert those files into the rom, and palette edit it. The file will be too big, you will need to repoint it to new space.
    You can test it to see if it worked out, but I'm too lazy and I'm just going to show the final product.

    Now we'll move onto these:
    2013 - 'Press Start'/'Gamefreak'
    2014 - 'Press Start'/'Gamefreak' Tilemap
    Here's our original image.
    I'm changing that to:
    Now I re-order my tilemap to this.
    Looking good so far.
    Insert those two files to the rom, palette edit, and I'm almost done.

    All that's left is the Pokemon logo.
    I'm not even going to change the image here.
    Here's the tilemap I made.
    All I did is remove the 'Fire Red' text, as I added the 'Legend of Dragons' text in my gamefreak image.

    All that's left, is for me to remove the flames, here you have to choices, either palette edit them to the colour of the background or just simply overwriting the image with a blank image.

    Now that that is done, here's my finished screen fully palette edited and changed.
    Tutorial written by thethethethe.
    Do not claim as your own.
    All images and resources may be used, although give credit to thethethethe
    Don't ask for palette offsets. Find them yourself because I'll ignore those posts.