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Originally Posted by PokemonOI View Post
No I dont think this is an epic fail. Mybe I think neo eras is an epic fail. First off I will look into it. CUTEPICHY has been working on the tileset for this game for a while now so I'll ask here about it. second please dont come to my thread with stuff like this again. I think I have good enough credability around here to not have to steal anything.Like I said i will ask her.
That was only slightly uncalled for. Epic Fail is internet slang, my friend : p I wasn't calling Malachite an epic fail, I actually think that it looks interesting.

Really, I don't care WHO stole it, I'm simply bothered by the fact that your project is using trees that could be the same as mine. Since you're the creator, you should be able to provide solid evidence, no? All you would have to do is save a screenshot as .png and compare them to mine. If they don't match, I'll leave your thread. I'm definitely not trying to be rude about it, simply trying to prove a point.

And yes, I would appreciate it if you asked whomever did your tileset. That or you could just take a .png screenshot of your tileset and compare them to my screenshots. I'm not here to come bashing out your thread, and whether or not you have good enough credibility to not have stolen anything, does your tileset person have that much?

Again, only trying to prove a point. Not interested in releasing the machete knives on you D: