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Please Private Message Your Orders!
*Messages can be sent to Landshark or myself.
Welcome to our Underground "Bakery" thread!

Here we have our stock of tasty Pokémon Fossils for Diamond/Pearl.

We've got lots of stuff that could be yours now! ...For the right price! Take a look at our inventory by stock:
Egg Fossil-0 (Armor Fossil)
Crescent Fossil-12+ (Claw Fossil)
Gold Fossil-0 (Dome Fossil)
Bakery Fossil-23+ (Helix Fossil)
Jelly Bean-8+ (Old Amber)
Plant Fossil-3+ (Root Fossil)
Cake Fossil-23+ (Skull Fossil)
Pikachu Bone-12+ (Rare Bone)
*Above lists show amount of items. A plus indicates more than the listed amount. *As fossils are mined in diamond

How's it work???
*Give us a PM
*We'll tell you what Pokémon we want (Always reasonable)
*Give us your friend code
*Trade us your Pokémon and we'll trade you yours with the fossil held!
*Tell your friends!

We make deals! We offer "Freshly Baked" fossils, as well as "Day Old" fossils.

Order Styles
*Freshly Baked = Revived Fossil (As Pokémon-- Naturally more expensive)
*Day Old = Fossil Form
(Will be traded as a held item upon a simple Pokémon)

Post in this thread and make an offer for any desired fossil. Fossils can be traded for specified Pokémon or purchased for a nugget, star piece, pearl, or specified items ect.

All fossils and fossil Pokémon are genuine underground baked and ready for your pickup. Let's make a deal! To set one up, post here, or contact either Landshark or myself.

We do not use action replay!

Trade Pokémon:
You can trade any Pokémon you want for any of our fossils, unless they are freshly baked.
If you choose day old, then you may trade anything.
Freshly Baked List:

424 Ambipom
153 Baleef
343 Baltoy
257 Blaziken
012 Butterfree
421 Cherrim
152 Chikorita
222 Corsola
342 Crawdaunt
301 Delcatty
085 Dodrio
232 Donphan
148 Dragonair
452 Drapion
355 Duskull
196 Espeon
162 Furret
253 Grovyle
326 Grumpig
214 Heracross
237 Hitmontop
430 Honchkrow
187 Hoppip
230 Houndour
097 Hypno
039 Jigglypuff
189 Jumpluff
014 Kakuna
109 Koffing
098 Krabby
281 Kirlia
165 Ladiba
171 Lanturn
294 Loudred
226 Mantine
011 Metapod
241 Miltank
029 Nidoran♀
032 Nidoran♂
030 Nidorina
033 Nidorino
038 Ninetails
224 Octillery
047 Pasasect
231 Phanpy
204 Pineco
127 Pinsir
060 Polywag
247 Pupitar
026 Raichu
119 Seaking
188 Skiploom
080 Slowbro
199 Slowking
079 Slowpoke
209 Snubbull
120 Staru
245 Suicune
191 Sunkern
277 Swellow
114 Tangela
255 Torchic
252 Treecko
416 Vespiquen
329 Vibrava
288 Vigoroth
008 Wartortle
340 Wiscash
413 Wormadam
178 Xatu

Don't see a Pokémon you can trade to us? Strike a deal! Maybe we'll take it!


Foullump - Master Baker, Manager
Landshark - Lazy Baker

Please Private Message Your Orders!
*Messages can be sent to Landshark or myself.
Thank you and come again!
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