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    Hey! It's Soyawannabeamasta. Can I join? Like, a job? I have a card that's legal, and it isn't an action replay (technically it's legal to have in the United States, but I can't sell it or buy it in the U.S. I brought it in Canada so I didn't do anything illegal), so I can send you some fossils. I'm good for one kind of every kind of fossil. I'll do this until I get to the point where I can get fossils normaly. One thing, can I have one of those awsome nametags!? Lol.

    Edit: I got that hinge fixed. I found a lego rod thing and put it in. It actually works pretty great! I'll get you my friend code. Do you want my Pearl one or Platinum one? (Pearl would be better).

    I support every game I can find!

    Looking for fossils or underground items?

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