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    Originally Posted by Trace View Post
    Sounds good, Curt! :D

    So, are you going to include say all the interior maps for 1 town in 1 map? (E.g. all the

    indoor maps of Pallet Town in one map, excluding Oak's Lab, because of different BGM)
    Well, tbh i didn't event think to do that..I have made a different map for each interior..

    Originally Posted by Wichu View Post
    Well, I don't see why he shouldn't release it. If people do end up using it, they'll probably be deemed as lazy by everyone else, so it's not as if everyone with an official region is going to use it.

    Personally, I'm not going to use it anyway, even if I do make a game set in an official region.
    Well I see where your coming from, as mapping is one of the main aspects of a game but I don't understand why if you would want to use a Official Region you would map it all your self when the exact same thing is available to you.

    Originally Posted by ~link smash~ View Post
    You guys are forgetting this. If you want you add your own tileset to make it unique. You could mix around the map so it could be a bit different. And lets not forget he is only dong exterior not interior so i say do it!
    Yes you could custamize the maps how ever you like, also I have done a lot of inners but I guess I will exclude them from the kit.....unless you guys want em

    Thanks for all your opinions and critism
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