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    Pokemon Dark Requiem
    EIDT: this is just for thos ppl who look, but dont comment!!!
    plz comment guys! it means a lot and any feedback is welcome!
    so, i see i got like 200 views, but 8 posts! PoSt NoW!!!!1!!!!one!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hi all! I'm POKM4NlAC and this is the first game I'm making-well, co-making. -T.A.C is the other manager. This is a game (not a hack!!!!) made on RMXP.

    This game is set up to become a phenomenal addition to PokeCommunity. We can't tell if the game can live up to the standards, but... I guess we'll have to try!

    Now, time to get personal.
    YOU, yes you, reading this thread, are invited to join the Team Requiem in their quest to create Pokemon Dark Requiem.
    "Why should I join?" you might ask.
    Well, i cuz we're desperate for a decent team. (skip down to the end to see open positions).
    We will NOT reject anyone!! everyone WILL get a honorable position in our game!
    SO DONT BE SHY...r ill come for u! lolz jk
    seriously, tell us what u can do and well get a job for u...a pomaniac's promise

    You start out like normal, with the professor introducing the world of pokemon to you.


    When you actually start the game, you start out in the school, and the teacher reminds you to bring your project tomorrow. Then the bell rings. You go out (after visiting your locker) and walk home. When you get home, your mom and your dad tell you that they have a suprise! Your dad got promoted and now he is the manager of POKETAX-the number one taxi company in the pokemon world! To celebrate, your moving to a mansion at the top of town and you get your own ship! However, things are about to get a lot worse! Team Requiem's leader, your dad's step-brother, is bent on stopping your dad on his course to accomplish his dreams...which you are clueless about. So, your first quest is to move in all your items. This game will circle mainly around quests, so brace yourself! Anyway, after you do that, Professor Maple visits your dad to congragulate him. He sees you and decides you'll make a good friend for his son, [the name you chose at the begining goes here]. You visit his house and accidentally stumble into his basement...where your adventure begins!


    ~Scene 1~
    We open steadily to a classroom inside the school (now I know they're your maps, so I won't tell you what to do). Your
    character is sitting a the very front of the room. I would suggest, however that the hallway have four rooms along it.
    T: Remember class, the "types of pokemon" chart is due tomorrow. I don't want any late!
    INTERCOM: <i>This concludes eighth period, students may now be dismissed.</i>
    TEACHER: <c>...<c>! Wake up! I said five minutes ago that class was dismissed.
    <moves around classroom slowly>
    T: Come on! I have to leave here too, so get a move on!
    < walks out of classroom into hall, towards locker>
    At locker:
    <Rival walks up>
    RIVAL: So, I heard you fell asleep in science class again today. You're not even good at it! I mean, there's totally a
    reason she put you up there at the front in the first place.
    C: ....................
    R: You haven't even started the project yet, AND you don't even know what it's supposed to be on! You are sooo screwed!
    R: Well, anyways, I got a bus to catch. See ya later.

    ~Scene 2~
    We go outside to a possibly bright (depends on the day) and shiny day. You sit around for awhile alone because all the
    other kids had left in the time you spent sleeping in class. Finally, a sleek, new-looking tax with freshly painted black
    letters pulls up. You step inside and an FMV of sorts starts. Whereas before is mostly silent with maybe a few clean,
    accented notes, lively jazz now fills the speakers. This is supposed to be just your character's daydream of what the
    game world is supposed to look like. Sweeping fews of a soft and inviting ocean (almost romantic if at night), grungy,
    rock-filled gaves dripping with grime, tall grass covered meadows until eventually your character snaps out of it and
    realizes he's home. He steps out of the car and his father comes out of the house.

    ~Scene 3~
    DAD: You're home, <c>! For a second I thought that taxi I sent you might not have come...
    D: Anyways, I have good news. I just got promoted to being the manager over at poketax. Come in, though, it's getting
    a little cold all of a sudden.
    <Inside, DAD walks up to window>
    D: ...The maiden of the seas, that's what she is...
    Oh! Yes, right this is your ship. Forgot about that. Do you want a look?
    <DAD walks aside and you move up, showing a picture of a big boat outside>
    D: Well, <c>, do you like it? But that's not all... I wanted to say that we're moving as well.
    C: !!
    D: Don't worry, we'll have a lot more space. Everything's gonna be fine. Anyways-
    <MAPLE walks up>
    MAPLE: Hey, see! I told you I'd show up today! Never said when, but...
    D: Oh, Proffesor Maple! It's so good to see you today! First, I'd like you to meet my son, <c>.
    M: Hi, <c>, How are you? Haven't we met somewhere before?
    C: ....................
    M: Hmmm. I guess-
    D: Come on, Professor, I haven't seen you in so long. I figure we have some catching up to do.
    <Exit MAPLE and DAD>
    <When you try to leave the house>
    M: Goodness me! I almost forgot! <c>, before you leave, I have something to give you.
    D: Oh, don't worry about it, proffesor, you can show him later. I assure you, he's already got enough work to do with
    moving in.
    M: I see. I'll just give it to him later. And <c>, you be sure to come back to my lab after you're all done moving in.
    <Exit MAPLE>

    Character can move now! Yay! Unfortunately, not for long...

    --DAD: Why don't you go to your friends house while we prepare for the move tomorrow?

    <On exiting house, outside>~Scene 4~
    ?????: You! Who are you? Does your father live in this house?
    C: ....................
    ?????: I see. You're not...<c>, are you?
    C: ....................
    ?????: I knew it all along! Feh, move along then.

    Oh yea, we're thinking that when you start a new story, you can choose to be a normal citizen, trainer, breeder, contest person (if someone could tell me what they’re called tat would help ), or a gym leader. The one above is the story for a normal trainer. More will be comming soon! On all of them, you have to do 5 quests as a citizen before you embark on your journey because you start at age 9 and a half lol. time goes by pretty fast so dont worry!

    Special Features

    We will feature some fakemon, and here are the starters:


    and finally...


    Pokemon Dark Requiem takes the world of Pokemon to a new level. With new pokemon, maps, and a brand new region (as well as old ones too ) Pokemon Requiem will rock your world. Here’s an example of a prototype Fakemon…. lol made it myself

    srry its kinda small ;
    Here's another concept of a water legendary. In this game, legendaries have forms...kinda like evolutions! Here's the third form:

    Here's another legendary:

    Now, here's some more fakemon, but with more info....

    Also, -T.A.C. and I are adding an option to steal from marts and the other stores that are in our game. Your chances of not getting caught are kinda slim because it’s decided by a minigame. Also, you have a choice to let pokemon be out of their ball and let them follow like in the anime. You make that choice when you get the pokemon and only if it’s in your party. You start out by only allowing one out, but soon you can go up to 4. Isnt tat exciting????!!!!


    This is the "town" you start out in. Its not really a town because it's all owned by your dad. The house in the middle is your house and the buildings are your dad's department stores. All the surrounding houses are places where the employees of those stores live in! This "town" is between two of the biggest cities in California and it's the only land route to get to those towns

    srry its kinda small!!
    click on the link below to see it in its tru size. Click on the map again to make it bigger

    Here's the inside of the orange house at the top left side of La Crescenta:

    Here's the inside of the yellow house rite beside it:

    Here's the...First Street. Since you start out in the real world, routes will be called streets. I numbered it, to save time. Just match the interior map's numbers with that of the numbers next to the houses. The small ones with boxes are attics.


    We are in desperate need of team members!
    Here's whoz with us rite now:

    Team Managers- POKEM4NIAC, -T.A.C, and JJMcay

    Co-Manager- Nytkoi

    Story Board Director- h POKE

    Mapper- Nytkoi

    Lead Idealist- hashpipeofdoom

    Assistant project director and idealist- Ryushin5

    Mapper- POKM4NlAC and JJMcay

    Tileset maker- Venom12

    Assistant idealist-Jaydin Knight

    Lead Spriter- KageX

    Tileset Maker- JJMcay

    If there any mistakes, plz notify me!
    If you wanna join, all you have to do is ask...due to the shortage to members, no application is needed.
    Here's the positions we need to fill:

    Fakemon Idealist

    Fakemon Spriter



    Kyledove-for the new tiles i will show u soon
    *Prinny-Dood- fakemon ideas
    Saurav- also for the dp tiles tat will soon be revealed
    -T.A.C.- helping getting this started
    shinylugia249-for endless help and scripting advice!!!-(shoutout to his game, Pokemon Ryen....check it out!)-
    sonicsmashdown-also for endless help and encouragement! -(shoutout to his game, Pokemon Solar and Lunar! *check it out too guys*)
    PokemonOI- he wuz a big help with custom items!!!
    Nintendo and GameFreak-for pokemon
    PokeCommunity-for letting me post this
    and the Pokes who posted their games on these threads...they have really inspired me!!!

    Stay tuned for updates...but they will take a while srry ;