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ShadowPand3monium: The sprite looks great but the
pokeball and the hair look odd. i'll see how i can put it to use.

It's been a while since i've updated so to here's
screen of some things that have been changed.

Credit to Frario for the bautiful sand pallete.

There are excatly 4 things that have been
changed in the game that are in that screen.
I'll be putting up one screen every 2-3 days to
keep the thread alive and when i finish up Raptor
there will be one huge update that'll be about the story.
In the next screen i'll post wed. or thur. i'll also reveal our next contest!

In need of a scripter!
Please pm me if you can help!
Pokemon Ryen
We're back!

You've waited and now we're back!

Stay tuned!

Stuff that i've been kepping secret from PC.