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    lol sorry bout that.

    But yes there is an update. It is in the VERY early stages but is playable somewhat atm. Important notes to read before you play! PLEASE READ!

    Pikachu cannot be killed except by handgun atm. sorry.

    2 doors on the bottom lead to nowhere. The first 2 lead to the same area but with the first one being the only one that triggers an event. Hit ENTER at anytime during gameplay to restart the room if something goes wrong.


    yes I now see that a faster shotgun is gonna be needed now... and plans are underway for a machine gun. stay tuned for THAT update.

    Blue health packs are INVINCIBILITY PACKS! Gives you invinibility for a few moments. Keep an eye on your health bar cause once it turns from silver to green you are back to normal. Words wil also show up when you are invincible just incase you forget.

    I did all this in hours? Tough but I at least got something down. Tell me what you think guys! """

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