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    <-Team Name->
    Dark Dreamers Hacking Team
    Head Owners: Drevilg, Vrai.
    Projects: Pokemon Terra


    We are the ''Dark Dreamer's", It's a silly name right? Well lets see if you think the same
    once you see out hacks. We make hacks for Fun, Not for Reputation or anything.
    Well, the future holds it. On to the rest!
    -This is a remake of the old Dark Dreamers-
    -Just a Change of HACK.
    And a Step up of game!!

    <-Application Form->

    All you need to say is:
    What do you want to do?
    Contact Possibilities:

    <-Hacking Team->

    Name: Drevilg or Teddiursa- Owner
    Skills: Semi-co-Scripter, Tile Editor, Head Mapper.


    Head Scripter.
    Little mapper.

    Lead spriter.


    Red: Not Needed
    Brown: Urgent
    Blue: Needed

    Maps With Lead mappers.

    Head Scripter -
    In Charge of all Scripting.

    In Charge of: OW's Sprites.

    Head-Graphic Editor
    World Map, Title Screen Editors.

    <-Current Projects->

    Pokemon: Faded Past [PAUSED]
    Mapping: 70%
    Scripting: 30%
    Text: 100%

    Pokemon Rebirth [PROGRESSING]

    Pokemon: Blue Thunder [PROGRESSING]
    Mapping: 0%
    Scripting: 0%
    Other: 3%

    Team Add me, or applyers:
    [email protected]


    This Team dont accept Editors of anytype:
    Mappers - That edit Pallet Town, Etc
    Spriters - That Edit Sprites to a poor standard#
    Scripter - That Decompile scripts With XSE And edit.
    Thinking about making, Pokemon Legend of Flame [Rebirth].
    It was Faded Past. Expect A Final Hack from me soon..
    Pokemon Legend of Flame [Rebirth]