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    Thanks for the comments guys!

    Um not much is happening in the world of Iridium right now, mostly still tweaking the Chanticleer events, editing sprites, stuff like that. Hopefully there will be an update this week.

    But let me cut to the chase about my reasons for posting! Two reasons really.

    I want to let it be know that despite Riceeman joining the team as a spriter, I am still looking for a fakemon designer and one more Pokemon Spriter.

    I also want to ask if anyone would like to help out with editing DP trainer sprites for the various trainers in the game.(until someone fills this position or I can make a decent edit myself most trainer sprites for key characters will be place holders.

    Thank you sincerely!
    Keep the comments coming, you guys have no idea how motivational they are to ghe development!

    Thank you,

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