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    Well guys, I have been working diligently coding the beginning events to work as perfectly and flowing as smoothly as they should. So there isn't too much to show but I wanted to show off a few screens of the first events in the game, your kidnapping.

    As you can see in the screens there are two new characters introduced, Mr. Cedar(who will later be important on a quest that I have planned), and one of your Rivals(debating on whether you will get to name this rival or not). Both of these people have been kidnapped by Team Chaos aswell, what are their motives for kidnapping all three of you? You will have to wait for a demo to come out to really figure out why.
    I'm currently working on the next events in the story and the introduction of one of the first "corrupt" charaters in the game. So expect screens of that eventing sometime in the near future.

    I hope you enjoy the screens and be sure to leave a comment or two if you stop by and take the time to read the post.

    Thanks a bunch!

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