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    Originally Posted by torferno lvl-X View Post
    Oh yeah, I said I couldn't find the offsets so unless you read my post don't say anything, I'm not that thick, sheesh.
    P.S. I know APE has the offsets stored in it but the offsets there don't work om my game.

    Hey look I even highlited that part of the quote for you, so you don't miss half of the message again.

    FYI: I've been hacking for a year, so don't be so sarcastic please!
    Well don't take this the wrong way or anything, but if you've been hacking for a year, and you still don't have the basic skill of finding a palette without APE, you must have wasted a hell of a lot of time.
    I'm not giving out palette offsets. You can either read through other tutorials explaining the simple skill of finding palettes or give up, your choice I guess.
    Originally Posted by Cyclonek5 View Post
    I cannot get past this do I repoint it to a new space?
    Go find a tutorial on using unlz.gba. I'm sure there's already way too many of them either here or on youtube. I usually leave things out of tutorials I write, like how to use tools or things that have been done to death by some new hacker who thinks everyone would like another scripting tutorial. I don't need to tell you every single little step, you should be able to figure out how to do the little things in between.
    Originally Posted by halobro35 View Post
    Thanks.. I just want to know the index of the palettes for the flames? I don't want to edit them I just want to make the flames colored green... Except I can't seem to find the palette for em XD. By index I mean by in APE when u load the palette of the title screen and you choose an index (IE Charizard's palette is index 14).

    Oh and Nytoki I suck at and hate palette editing too so sorry can't help you on that.
    See above.