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    Well firstly pesso that everybody that it can help us that use our BAR's in its signatures
    Hello the Whole ones, firstly I want to speak a little bit than it will roll in that new beta, in a short speech, of one of the initial events,

    They say that ARCEUS the Deus Pokémon, didn't just create Pokémons, but yes the whole universe Also.
    You are then with the teacher, Ash and Kaohri one sees it faces to an old writing,
    it happens that such writing talks about the origin of the universe,
    then quickly the teacher destroys this writing so that it doesn't drop in wrong hands,
    but it was already late too much two members of Team STREN, they heard and they saw that was looking at for
    the writing now they know that you are one of the four people that has knowledge on this subject,
    they decide to attack but with Kaohri and Ash for close they don't get anything,
    but and you as it will be, without pokemon without protection,
    it is oh that the teacher enters in this history and you of its first pokemon and it orders you to workout,
    winning of you lead so that you are enough strong to defeat any member
    of Team STREN, like this you same it can defend and to protect its family,
    and finally to keep the secret of the universe,

    it is and the reason for the which you win its first poke etc, etc,
    finally I placed logic in the hystoria, I don't know if you already wondered
    but a lot of hack that you arrive exist and it wins the pokemon of the anything,
    which would the reason be???
    ppr that you are beautiful XD,
    logical è that will happen a script explaining everything that I mentioned above.
    Very new

    in the emulator it is very better with the stars if moving and every Introthing more
    Kalos Demake Soon!!
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