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Pokemon: Dawn of Shadows
Just realized how ugly my thread layout is, but I'm too lazy to change at the moment
Anything in this thread subject to change at any time.


4/25/11 - More Screenshots
4/20/11 - hello mr wes
4/19/11  - hurpderp
11/15/08 - Alpha removed.
10/11/08 - Alpha 1 released.
10/11/08 - 2 Scrennies added
10/10/08 - 12 Screenies Added
Introduction:Just a hack I've been doing in my spare time. To be honest, I'm just making this hack up as I go~

You wake up in a strange place, and decide to take a look around.
You find a cave, and inside that cave, a Chimchar. It belongs to the famous Mr. OAK, who opened a lab in a nearby town. ADVENTURE!

Rom Info:
Pokémon FR
Language: English

  • Zeikku's Rombase
  • D/P and B/W Pokemon
  • New Region
  • Team Snagem'
  • Wes/Rui as Hero/Heroine
  • Shadow Pokemon
__________D/P Pokemon__________________Wes?!?!?_____________

More D/P Pokemon!_______________Shadow Pokemon!_RUI as heroine!___

Even more D/P Pokemon!_Wes____

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