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    Hello everyone my name is windwos and bieng a moderate mapper and story idea maker i've decied to make my own hack. So here goes

    Team name
    Team Luna
    I love pokemon and alll of ist pokemon. But when I found out that you could hack pokemon I was amazed. At first things werent going to well but as my skillz as a maaper inceased I started to make hacks on my own but that didnt go well. So now I've tought of a hack called Pokemon Luna. I want to make the team because I want to have a hack thats awsome whith many differnt peoples skillz. We will be hacking fire red and if that dosent work out then pokemon ruby. Heres the story.
    You are a 14 year old boy or girl living in Rage Town in a far away region called Luna Flare and your retierd pokemon tranier mom and Prof. KERIN think yuo have potentiel to become the best tranier in Luna Flare and even the world. But as you start your pokemon jorney you get mixed up whith the gang called Moon stealers.
    What I want to put in it is new pokemon(still most origanal pokes cachable) a new region, New evil team, and more to come

    Whats needed
    could use=Orange
    open posistion=green
    dont need=crossed out

    banner makers(3)
    Story idea maker(2)
    beta testers(3)
    Tile maker(1)
    Tile inserters(1)
    Title screen maker(1)
    My team quit on me so every position is open! be free to join as anything you like!

    Application form
    If you would like to join and help iout please use this form
    P.S. you have a better chance of getting in if you show proof and use the application form
    Proof of work:
    Past experience:
    Contact information:

    Ranking system and perks
    Hello guys Im made aranking system for team members like co something or head something. The ranking all have perks so dont worry if you dont get top!
    Creator: Gets all perks and is chapion in elite 8 and gets to name town and pokemon.(P.S. All head people will get to name a town and pokemon)
    Head producer: Gets titled to do anything in the game if it is acceptable to me. gets a spot in elite 8(More to come about elite 8)
    Co-Producer: Dosent get to do anything on hack exept make ideas, help put stuff together and helps make story idease and pokemon.
    Head spriter: Gets to make a pokemon of there own desire and gets tiltled a spot in elite 8
    Co-Spriter: Gets to design a thiere chacter as a trainer(So does everyone else) and gets to make one item in game
    Head scripter: Gets to make very own script of there chooseing and gets a spot in the elite 8
    Co-scripter: Gets to costomize there what there trainer says and gets to edit ne of the scriptes some to there choosing.

    Thats all for now

    Website info
    Okay everyone please go to the Pokemon Luna website for all discusion of the hack. If you want to join then post here thank you. Also anyone can go to the website but if your not apart of the team stay off the forums.

    Current team members
    Windwos: mapper and story idea maker,creator
    nofamenogame: Story idea maker
    My team quit on me so I'm starting fresh! please join up and be a part of my hack.

    Username: NachoVesper

    Add me!