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    Originally Posted by Atomic_Reactor View Post
    Yeah, I was telling Blazers, just look at the drawing. Does it look like an actual Pokemon? or does it look like a hideous deformity of the hunchback of Notre Dame... or in your case, just a normal penguin with a normal Goatee.

    Make the eyes.. the same basically. they're a tad bumpy.
    Give it more originality to, that always helps. switching its colors can make it so much more different.

    It was a decent first try.
    Goodluck with the others.
    Um...alright the damn thing was never going to be in the game anyway it was just something I could test sugimari on. Thanks anyway.
    Originally Posted by DamianLeonhart View Post
    What I mean is that the penguin has been done already, piplup and its evolutions. I don't know how you could change the penguin so that it won't ever be compared to piplup.
    ^same as i told A_R^

    lol I've decided that in the game the only fakemon in the game will be the starters and maybe a legendary