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    Sorry sorry! Long story short, I had to edit this chapter a lot. Hope you all enjoy it!

    Chapter 2-Of Ice, Eggs, and Fire

    Reaching the cave about a half hour after his excursion in the cemetery, John was drained. It was still fairly early; around nine o’clock. The island began to spur to life, lazy residents walking out and about with their various pokemon, running errands and greeting the day. That’s how it was in the Sevii Islands, especially in the summer. While it could be boring sometimes, John always reasoned that they knew how to live here.

    Making his way into the cave, John had noticed the movements and sounds coming from his egg had become more frequent. Luckily, the pokemon center was just a few hundred yards away from the entrance to the immense cave, there if he should need it.

    Slowly, he made his way into the well-lit cave. Icefall Cave was structured to accommodate trainers, a string of miner’s lights were attached to the ceiling of the cave, which was cleared of all ice and rock debris once every week.

    The rest of the cave was kept in it’s natural state: icy. The walls of the cave were coated in a thin sheet of ice, which reflected the lights in a brilliant manner. The floor of the cave was a “minefield,” sheets of black ice were quite common amongst the granite floor. When one was careful, it was a beautiful work of nature.

    Clutching his egg tightly as to keep it warm, John pushed forward deeper into the cave. Looking around, John spotted four small blue bats hanging upside down off the ceiling. Their wings were wrapped tightly around their bodies, hiding their faces but exposing their skinny blue legs, which grasped onto crevices in the rocky surface. John identified them as Zubat.

    Walking around him were four legged, petite pig-nosed pokemon, shards of ice sticking to their short brown fur. Their stubby moist noses were cute, and they did mesh well with their somewhat pudgy bodies. They were, of course, Swinub. They scurried around and about large sleeping face pokemon, called Glaile. Glaile looked ominous and frightening, as their faces were made entirely of ice, with two black stubs of what looked like rock penetrating from both sides of it. John decided to keep his distance from the pokemon.

    His intentions were to see the world-renowned Temple of Lapras, famous for providing Lorelli, champion of the Sevii Islands, with a Lapras. The path to the Temple was straightforward, just a simple, yet long walk down a single tunnel.

    The deeper he went, the colder it got, until the point where he was shivering profusely, and his breath was visible. If he stayed in these conditions, his egg would begin to suffer, likely experiencing some unwanted side effects. He would have made the decision to turn back, had he not seen the massive stone slab and pokemon guarding it. He had arrived. Surely another couple of minutes wouldn’t hurt, right?
    He slowly and quietly made his way to the large furry pokemon guarding the stone door. It had a prehistoric drawing of what looked like a sea-monster engraved in it.

    The carved ‘monster’was divided, engraved on both doors. Unfortunately, no one knew how to open the doors, excluding Lorelli. She had told no one.

    Engraved on the stone door was: ‘Temple of Lapras. Enter pure trainer, and test yourself’

    Eager to test himself and attempt to enter, John tried to meander his way past the large behemoth standing in his way. A large, furry monster sat just inches away from John, sleeping. It had enormous tusks that penetrated its blanket of hair and fur, and four wide, massive legs. It’s face was awkward looking, two enormous eyes surrounded by red eye-lids and plastered on a white face. The beast, if awoken, could easily kill John.

    Suddenly skittish, he backed away from the beast and the door, ready to make his escape. He was silent, but his egg was not.

    ‘Eee!’ cried the pokemon within the egg. It was a faint sound, but in the halls of the cave, it echoed and was magnified.

    That was all it took. The mammoth pokemon’s heavy eyelashes started to flinch, flirting with opening. It began to stir, shaking a little and moving its legs.
    Mamoswine then opened its eyes, and fixed it’s stare on John.

    “Easy there Mamoswine, I just wanted to see Lapras.” He tried to clam the beast down, to no avail. Mamoswine prepared itself, shaking its head and flaunting its tusks.

    John began to slowly back away, but it became evident the beast was preparing to charge. Being that there were no other options, he turned around, tucked his egg into the crevice between is upper arm and forearm like a football, and ran.

    “Mamoswine!” The beast roared and then began to charge. Mamoswine were usually slow creatures, but when brought about to charge, they could usually keep a fast, sustained pace for a few minutes. Knowing this, and putting his track skills to good use, John ran for his life, dodging and avoiding the patches of dangerous black ice, stalagmites, and crumbling pieces of grey granite scattered all over the floor.

    Two minutes of sustained spiriting was no easy task, but by now the adrenaline had kicked in. The behemoth behind him was beginning to lose steam, slowing down and falling behind.

    John was also becoming increasingly tired, panting, he saw the exit in the distance. It had become distinctly warmer, as the tropical air was making its way into the frigid cave.

    “Mamo, Mamo…” panted the pokemon, slowing down. It roared angrily, but sensing the temperature change it abdicated. Pokemon were smart, and Mamoswine knew that it would not catch the boy before he emerged into the hot, humid, tropical weather. Instead of chasing him, the beast slammed its feet into the ground, a Stomp attack, shaking the cave. It was meant as an intimidate.

    He hurried out of the cave, relieved to have emerged into the stifling heat. He removed his egg from its tucked in position, he scrutinized it. The egg was intact, and unscathed on the outside, but he had no knowledge of how the pokemon was inside of it. All the bouncing around during the running, and the extreme cold could have damaged the pokemon. He would never forgive himself if his curiosity had killed his pokemon.

    John exited the cave, and walked across the browning grass. He walked around the medium sized building that was the pokemon center. It was one of the more modern things on Four Island, being made of steel, and painted white and red. The inside of the building doubled as a hotel, and pokemon hospital. He spotted the red door in the back of the building, and entered.

    The inside of the pokemon center was fairly bland. The door he had entered led to a large hallway, which he proceeded to walk down. Disenfranchised with the cream colored walls and pokemon pictures, John hurriedly walked down the corridor.

    He entered the main room of the pokemon center, which was abuzz with life. Many trainers of all genders and sizes were presenting their pokemon at the semicircular desk on his left, to willing and cheerful nurses. Other trainers were just arriving on the island, wishing to stay in the hotel accommodations that the pokemon center provided.

    Still others were sitting on the white couches, worried looks plastered on their young faces, various pokemon in their arms. One in particular was cradling a crying pink pokemon. It was essentially a pink ball of fur, with four stubby arms and legs. It had large beady eyes and a petite nose, but no real body.

    “Iggy, calm down, I just want to see if you’re okay!” The girl cried. She seemed about John’s age, and he had recognized her from class.

    But his thoughts dwelled elsewhere. He sat down away from the girl, on his own section of the rectangular couch. His heart began to beat rapidly, and he prayed for a movement, a sound, anything, but it was to no avail.

    Or so he thought. Within a minute after sitting down, the egg started shaking violently, cracks running up and down it. Cries and growls began to emanate from the tiny miracle. Pieces of the eggshell began to crack and fall off, until two small brown paws managed to find their way out. They began to punch through other parts of the egg,
    clearing a way for the pokemon to get out.

    The egg then fell to pieces, revealing the tiny creature. It was a petite, brown, four legged creature, with a bushy tail and white mane. It’s face was feminine, and its mannerisms dictated that it was female. John stroked her furry ears, which seemed to perk up as he did so.

    “Eevee!” the pokemon said cheerfully.

    John was ecsatic, tears of joy formed on the side of his eyes. “Well hello there, little critter,” he said, patting it on the head, “my name is John, and I am going to be your trainer.”

    She purred, snuggling up against John. Eevee had taken an instant liking to him, something that soothed John. Thankfully, his pokemon had not been hurt.

    John cradled the pokemon in his arms, and stood up. Now that he knew his pokemon was okay, he had no reason to remain at the center. After all, he was to meet his friends at his house, so they could begin their journey.

    Suddenly, a short, pudgy boy with bowl shaped brown hair ran through the sliding doors. He was clutching a small brown tree against his grey Four Island High School t-shirt. It was his cousin, Mike, and he was not carrying a tree, but his pokemon, Bonsly.

    “Dude, what they hell happened with your hair? Bowl haircut again?” John looked in horror at his friends terrible new haircut as he greeted him.

    “Hey, nice to see you too, *******.” Mike snapped back, playfully. John punched him in the shoulder.

    “How you doing Bonsly?” John asked, petting the little tree.

    “Bonsly!” It happily replied. John played with it’s stubby legs for a second, and looked at Mike.

    “So, what brings you here?” John asked inquisitively.

    “We’ve been looking for you all day! We have a plan remember-” Mike attempted to explain, but trailed off. “Well who do we have here?” Mike asked, affectionately rubbing Eevee’s head. She purred in thanks.

    “Anyways, Joey and George are waiting outside, we’re gonna chill at your house tonight and leave for one island in the morning...right?” Mike finished.

    They had been planning this since the four of them met. They were to stay at John’s for the night, and leave for One Island in the morning. Traveling to each island, John and Mike were going to challenge the gym leader on each one, in hopes of competing in the Sevii League. George and Joey weren’t fans of gym battling, or contests for that
    matter, they just wanted to catch pokemon.

    “ Right, of course. Let’s get ’em.” John agreed, leading Mike through the sliding doors and outside.

    The two other boys were waiting patiently outside the door, two pokemon out their sides. One, a large, four legged rock pokemon, was standing next to Joey. It had a powerful and impressive horn and a hard-skinned exterior, made of what looked like blue rocks. Rhyhorn was its name, and it as was cheerful as it was large.

    The other pokemon was a short, sleepy pokemon in George’s arms. It had red fur atop its pudgy head, encompassed with a lanky body and a firey tail. It was a Magby, a fire pokemon, perfectly suited for George. It completed his red hair.

    The two boys introduced their new pokemon, and marveled at John’s. Now that the group was complete, the other three boys recalled their pokemon, and began the long walk down the road to John’s house. John opted to hold his new pokemon, wishing to spend time with it and take in the surreal moment.
    Stumbling into his room, John fumbled with the lights. It had been a long and eventful day, especially for John. His young legs were tired from a day of walking, and he was eager to crash on his bed, flip on the TV, and relax for the night.

    “Alright guys you know where to go,” John said as they reached his room. The guys threw their stuff on the ground, scurrying in different directions. Mike went downstairs to the kitchen to fix up dinner, George walked across the room to turn on the TV and Joey went to the bathroom down the hall.

    They all made themselves at home in John’s room, pulling out the mattresses that were stored underneath his queen sized bed. They pulled out extra blankets from the closet, moved around his mahogany desk and nightstand, and positioned the three mattresses along the hardwood floors. John recalled with nostalgia how they used to marvel at the many pictures of pokemon battles and maps of regions, plotting their journey.

    His moment was interrupted by George’s cracking voice. “Hey guys, get over here.” This was an instant giveaway, as his voice only cracked when he was nervous. Something was wrong.

    The guys all huddled around the TV. It was no flat screen, but it was quite large for his room. They hastily sat down in front of it.

    Sevii News Network (SNN), was on, it was some sort of breaking news.

    “I repeat, here is what we know. Five thousand Sevii Islands citizens are dead. An unknown number of trainers and pokemon have also perished. We do not know who is responsible, but we do know the island has been completely obliterated. A pokemon has been awakened. And I dare say which species I speculate it to be…” the news anchor trailed off, sobbing. A red bar under him possessed the title: ‘Island Devastated, War Erupts’

    The news station cut to live pictures of a blood red pokemon with four arms. That was all he could see, because around the pokemon was a large blazing fire, that was engulfing the pokemon. A large beam of light spewed out of the fire, coming from the blood red demon pokemon. The live feed of the remnants of the island was then cut.

    John was horrified.
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