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    Ok.. I have a problem.. =(
    I made my image, and yes I made it a 16 color palette and it turned out quite nice. Then, I imported that image over the gamefreak one, but since it was too big to be written I changed the Image Offset to 845000. It worked, and the image was written to the game (firered). Then, after like an hour of trying to make the tilemap I finished it. I used NTME, not cyclone because it's messed up for me. anyway, I saved it as RAW and when I import it into UnlZ there is no image there. It's just blank. If I try to write it to the game anyway, nothing happens and the tilemap of gamefreak gets replaced with a blank one. I've been trying to make it work all day but to no avail. Anyone knows what's up with it?

    Oh and I managed to change the Pokemon to celebi so that worked fine I duno what's up with this image.

    Here is my image and tilemap for reference:


    Oh and bananapeelz... You replace the charizard picture with another picture of a pokemon you want to insert. After that you insert the tilemap.
    Search some tuts on UnlZ or something.