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Originally Posted by thethethethe View Post
No it's different. I haven't done any scripting lately, but from what I remember, it doesn't actually warp you anywhere. It just changes where the warp on the map will warp you to.

Since I'm posting I could rattle off some things that I use.
3A - warpmuted
CA - signmsg
CB - normalmsg
'tif' and 'fif' as aliases for 'if 0x1 goto 0xFF', and 'if 0x0 goto 0xFF' respectively.
'tcompjump 0x800D 0x1 0xFF' which was 'compare 0x800D 0x1: if 0x1 goto 0xFF'.
Well, yeah. setwarpplace would be a better name. What do you people think about it?

warpmuted, signmsg and normalmsg are fine with me. I'll see what the others will say about them.

Talking about the others... Too many ifs may be a bit confusing...

Originally Posted by Hiche View Post
Oh ok, thanks thethethethe.
There is also warpteleport, and warpteleport2, that always confuses me. I tested them, but they didn't work. What is the difference between them?
Whish I knew that... those are still kinda mysterious...
From what I saw, the first one is used in R/S/E while the latter is used on FR/LG.
On FR/LG it's always used together with specials, so that would act more like a trigger.
Probably something similar to warpelevator - soon to become setwarpplace.

Originally Posted by Larsie13 View Post
I think that's even better :P
And your second question, what about:
Sets where warps that lead to warp 127 of map 127.127 warp the player.

For an example of the warpelevator command, check the green "S" in the Inside of Truck in R/S/E, and check the warps there, too.
Yeah, something similar may be good.

Originally Posted by cooley View Post
Okay, well in my hack...There's a way that I removed the Pokemon...But the command I discovered was #raw 0xC3. My name would be removefirstpokemon but I think it's too long, anyone?

I do think it needs a bit more reversing to do though :\
Sadly cmdC3 is a multi-purpose command...
It is used for sure in:
  • Pokémon Contests
  • Daycare Center
  • Pokémon Center
  • Berry Trees

I would say it's something like comparehiddenvar which is used in FR/LG though I'm not sure. BTW... cmd96 is quite similar too...
I'll need to reverse more I guess :P

Originally Posted by Zaangoose View Post
I think 'nop' is kind of random for a name. I don't have a suggestion on what it could be, but I just thought I'd put it out there. That is okay, right?
NOPe, it's anything but random. The name comes directly from assembly language, meaning No OPEration. For further info, see this.
Also, did you know the nop1 command is used for the #reserve directive as a place-holder (to be replaced by active commands later on) ?

Originally Posted by Snowfield34 View Post
May I then suggest and other Feature?
Raw Decompiling, Like Instead of [...]
Something like this, right?

#raw 0x4F word 0xFF  pointer 0x834AA70
#raw 0x51 word 0x0
Well, "raw decompiling" defeats the whole purpose of decompling...
Decompiling is translating those apparently meaningless numbers into something human beings can (or at least should) undestand.

Anyway, please stay on topic. This is not a feature request thread.
If you're willing to suggest something, my Tools Factory in the Toolbox is the right place.
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