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*cracks knuckles*

like omg, this is the best fic ever!!!1111 i loved it and it was so good!!! sora is so pretty and she needs to fall in love with my original character, tenshi cullen!!! here's his information so you can put him in the story because he is in love with sora!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

name; tenshi cullen
age; sixten
pokemon; latios, espeon (she can fall in love with umbreon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!), charizard

so ur story was pretty and kewl and great! i give it a 10/10!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 rit more plz!!!!

evee: hey, i agree with my trainer! rit mor of this soon!

hey! tha's not nice to say!!!!!!!!!!1 i said plz!!!!!!!!111

evee: shut up you!!!!!1111 *hits*

owwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. ur mean!!!!!!!!!!!!1

and poopie on asstinuts if he infracts me for this post because he's mean. :( see what i did there? i called him asstinuts!!!!!!!!

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