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    I have failed as an author.
    Your comments are seven times more hilarious than my fic is xD I laughed out loud! Thank you, guys! Really!

    Post Office Buddy: yeah, I giggled to myself when I wrote that "by the way" in. I just couldn't leave such a great chance unused. I'll correct the mistakes you pointed out ("intepependent" cracked me up. How could I have written a word like that? :laugh: ) and go on writing the first chapter. You can think of that by-the-way as a tribute to your parody, also. And all the upocmonign by-the-ways too.

    icomeanon6: I've read your parody, and I kinda love it, so i really appreciate any praise from you xD Thank you very much indeed! I will try to live up to your expectations!

    Hippy: Yeah... That reminds me: my point here isn't necessarily insult badfic writers, but more like be as a mirror to them. Sometimes I have realized my own stupidity only when I've seen it from a bit further, if you know what I mean. Also, writing this is serious entertainment for me and I hope it is for. you.
    Oh, but Japanese-using non-Japanese-speaking fangirls I do want to mock as much as I can. If any of them are reading this, I have this to say to you: don't use Japanese when you can't. Just don't. Please.

    Astinus: lolz asstinuts ur so crazy hes gonna ban u for saying that or something believe me hes really mean!!!!! he wraned this one girl because she used colours i mean whats wrong with coours hes nuts i tell u so really good with that asstinuts there!!!111
    I promise ill use ur character he seems so handsome and all but sora cant fall in lov with him im sorry youl find out later. THNX FOR PRAIES I GAVE U GOOD REP OOPSIE I HAVE CAPS ON SORRY FOR THAT lets be best friends ok?!!1

    Dark Lakitu: You just wait for the next chapters! It's gonna get even moar perfect!!!111

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