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I say, this is quite an interesting parody you like there. What I love most about this parody is pretty much you brought up all the usual mistakes new writers make (including me when I was an inexperienced writer, lol). You have a very beautiful and nice character who has a tragic life and it doesn't seem to affect her. Not only that, you seem to have the world be affected by her laugher, beauty, etc. Yeah, to sum it up, really great use of the "world revolving around a character" part of Mary Sue.

Another thing I love about this parody is usually parodies mock the writing style, but more in lieu of the usual grammar and spelling mistakes. Yours, however, brought up the writing style the writers use in a different light. Pretty much I'm talking about how you use words like "beautiful, perfect, etc." As you can tell, one of my pet peeves is writers using adjectives the wrong way. ^^;

Well, this maybe not a random "OH MY GOSH I LOVE THIS! DO MORE!" type of review, but just so you know that I enjoyed this a lot and can't wait to see more chapters of this. ^^
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