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Originally Posted by Mence Master View Post
I'm gonna start hatching Magikarp or something now
Thanks a lot DDD
GL all!
Thanks for what?

If I wasn't under enough pressure already.... lol..

You can if you want to, but after I get Magikarp (hopefully I will?), I probably won't try and hatch a shiny ever again.

I can hatch 30 eggs an hour if I pay attention. That means 1 egg hatches roughly every 2 minutes.

I try to hatch 90 eggs per day. That's 3 hours every single day. And I have how many so far since I started like a week ago?

960 eggs hatched at this moment?

Yeah. It's taking up any time that I have. And how many SRs did you do to try and get Uxie? Cruel fate I may be headed to because there is no difference except that SRing is faster.

Hatching ain't the best way to go on shiny hunting by any means. =\ You might get a better Pokemon but I'd rather spend a week chaining and collecting up like 60 shinies of a single Pokemon and hope to get lucky with the IVs and Nature.

The only thing I'm surviving on is Magikarp's low egg step count. I could fish or SR it, but I've come this far. I'm not stopping.

I plan to have 1,020 by tonight.....

I have to try as hard as I can as often as I can if I want to get this thing.

everyone luck good.
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