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Join the club. I'm up now at a quarter to five in the morning, will stay up until at least seven in the morning, and then get really horrible sleep for a while until woken up at eleven by a hamster, two by a dog, and then to just stare at the ceiling until four, when I can actually sleep
Lol, same here, including current time. Only difference is that I have to drive a half hour to school, study for four hours, then come back home. I think I'm going to try and fix my pattern once and for all by not sleeping until past ten tommorrow (technically tonight).

Way way way before I was even allowed on the Internet, back when Pokemon first came out, I heard somewhere somehow that when a trainer dies, so do their Pokemon.
That was my thought on it for a while until recently when I started doing more thinking about the fandom. I mean, imagine if a legendary were captured and the trainer just dies. If the legendary died, then bam, entire species of Pokemon is wiped out (provided that you follow the one-of-a-kind thing). Besides, if I remember right, Ash technically died in the first movie and none of his Pokemon really died. (Just thought of this now actually.) However, a trainer's Pokemon might die from grief if they were close to their trainer and/or had an extremely close attachment to him/her. idk, I probably don't make much sense. Really really tired right now.
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