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    I also have the second one and the third one (the one with Unown... I never watched it twice, though, because it sucked so hard) and then I have Mewtwo's Return, whichever number it might be in the order. I'd lend them to you but people in USA have a different format for old-style videos, so no can do xD Moreover, they're dubbed in Finnish, and I seriously doubt you'd enjoy that. Well, at first you'd laugh your lungs out, but it'd get old pretty soon.

    I've also wanted to see Rise of Darkrai, Lucario and the Mystery of Mew (mostly because I simply have to see what Sir Aaron is like!) and the one with Latias and Latios. The first two movies I saw in a movie theater when they came out, but when I grew a little older, the worst Pokémania in Finland passed and I don't think they've even dubbed the newest movies.

    I got the promo Mew TCG card from the first movie, the one written in some "secret language" (very stupid, because you really can't play with the card) and I've held it as my treasure for years. It's one of the three TCG cards I have. The others are Diglett (because my brother didn't want it) and a promo card Pikachu that got wet somehow many years ago. Well, that certainly was the piece of information you simply couldn't live without!

    Oh! Let's not forget the "anime to live-action" movies. Dragonball Z comes to mind. :D
    LOL, I watched some Sailor Moon Shoujo Senshi Live Action episodes a couple of months ago, and I laughed the whole time. I just laughed and laughed and laughed until my stomache hurt and my eyes were all out of tears and my boyfriend threatened to call some people to get me to a mental institution.

    Then there's also "game to live-action"... If you know something about Zelda, then you might want to see this. No naked men this time: it's the intro to Zelda Live Action series. In that clip, the Japanese actors of Zelda and Link dance and rap and whatnot. I don't think I've ever seen a video as crappy as that one. I love the clip, it's just way too stupid and bad and ridiculous to be hated.
    I can almost do the dance and rap along. I've seen the clip that many times.

    What do you think happens to a trainer's Pokemon after the trainer dies, provided that the Pokemon still live?

    I agree that they could die of grief, like dogs do sometimes. They could also die out of starvation in their Pokéballs, but I doubt that. You know why?
    You can deposit your Pokémon to PC boxes and leave then there, but they never starve away. In the anime, all Ash's and Gary's Pokémon go to Oak's lab, but that can't be the case with every trainer. Besides, when Ash really does catch all the 493 Pokémon - legendaries, is Oak still going to take care of them all? Feed them every day? Who pays for all that food? I would assume the 30 Tauros consume an awful amount of food, too.

    My theory is that the Pokéball somehow keeps its inhabitant nurtured as long as it's in the ball. Maybe with some energy or something, I don't know. Maybe all the Pokéballs have tiny nuclear reactors in them so that they never run out of batteries. Or maybe they use some solution based on quantum mechanics so that the energy appears to come from thin air, but it actually is produced in the ball in some way. Or then the red-foggy-light form of Pokémon does not consume energy.

    But if this was indeed the case, and the trainer died in some remote place, his Pokémon would be doomed to spend the rest of eternity in their balls. I mean, how could the ball know the trainer has died? It would be far too complicated to make the ball somehow monitor the trainer's vital signs. Well, unless there's a PETA in Pokémon world and they've forced the politicians to do a law that prohibits Pokéballs without TVSD, Trainer Vital Sign Detector.

    I dunno, really. But it's an interesting question.

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