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    What do you think happens to a trainer's Pokemon after the trainer dies, provided that the Pokemon still live?

    Quite a good question. I pretty much follow the idea that they will be stuck in their (Poké) Balls for some time. At least, until they decide to come out. I mean, come on, if Misty's Psyduck can, everyone can! And besides, the Pokémon inside the Balls may "feel" that something terrible has happened and they decide to push further and come out.

    After that... well... I guess it depends on the COD.

    I guess some Pokémon can be "inherited", but that would present a problem as they are still stuck to the Poké Ball that held them, if due to the circumstances it can't be recovered, for example, what happens if a Poké Ball is destroyed? I don't remember anything in the canon that reflects that possibility.

    As for their grieving, I assume the most loyal Pokémon (Bulbasaur or Growlithe evolution lines, for example) would stay and guard the body for a while, and after that isolate themselves, or at least hide from mankind. Eevelutions will cry in agony: who is going to pet them now????? And if the trainer died at some remote location, well, the Pokémon are back into the wild, with the added bonus of being "uncatchable". How do they take it would depend on the species, their maturity, and how close they felt to their trainer. Somehow I can't picture an Ursaring or a Magmar too "unhappy" to be in the wild again.

    Also, An-chan, that idea of a Pokémon PETA was quite stretched. In particular this part:

    Originally Posted by An-chan
    Well, unless there's a PETA in Pokémon world and they've forced the politicians to do a law that prohibits Pokéballs without TVSD, Trainer Vital Sign Detector.
    That was the funniest thing i read in this page. Buoysel is right: some people we overthink things a lot.

    DGExe, the idea of dead trainers becoming "God's emmisaries" sounds interesting to me. Do want to read. I'm planning something like that for one of my fics, with the difference that the trainers are still alive. And there is nothing too supernatural into it.
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